How Swipe Night works

In September, audiences in select countries will be invited to participate in the Swipe Night event on Tinder. This experience can be accessed through the Swipe Night button located at the top of the Tinder app. Each Swipe Night episode lasts just a few minutes and will be experienced with other Tinder members.

After each episode you will see other participants that made similar choices to yours in the Swipe Night experience. Tap on their profile to see a complete list of Critical Choices they made in each episode. The highlighted choices are the ones you have in common. These specially curated Swipe Night match recommendations will only be available until 24:00.

Immersive experience

In order to create the most immersive video experience, we have featured some mobile-specific elements as part of the story, like notifications and vibrations. The notifications you see in the experience are only for purposes of storytelling; they are not real.

Video controls

If you want to pause the video, just single tap on the video when there isn’t a choice on the screen. From there, you can turn on closed captioning or exit the experience. If you exit, you can still return through the button at the top of your Tinder app and the story will pick up where you left off.

Filmed prior to onset of COVID-19.

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