• Director

    Karena Evans

    Toronto born and raised Karena Evans is one of entertainment’s most sought-after talents. The multifaceted, award-winning director and actor is determined to share diverse narratives that reflect the realities humanity faces. Bear witness to the future of storytelling.

  • Main Cast


    Sweet, ambitious Lucy is Graham’s long-term girlfriend with a lurking fierceness that’s finally beginning to emerge.

  • Main Cast


    Aside from being Sawyer’s dog mom, quick-witted Molly doesn’t have a family of her own, so she’ll do anything to keep her friends together.

  • Main Cast


    When fun-loving Graham is faced with losing Lucy and his friends for good, he realises they’re the only thing in his life he truly cares about.

  • Main Cast


    Reilly is down for two things: his skateboard and his homies.

  • Main Cast


    Sam is Graham’s Craigslist roommate who believes his suspicions about the inner workings of the world have just been confirmed.

  • Main Cast


    Gorgeous and confident Alexis is no stranger to laying thirst traps. And laying a beat down if need be.

  • Main Cast


    The world is ending, but Molly’s sweet boy, Sawyer, has other plans.

  • Guest Starring

    Rico Nasty

    Nothing can phase a badass trap queen like Rico Nasty. Except maybe a bad song choice.

  • Guest Starring

    Hart Denton

    Super-hot, super-sexy Hart Denton has discovered a new talent at the end of the world.

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